Inspiring Learners

Who we are:

Students meet with their tutor in a small one-room schoolhouse setting for a full day twice a week (8:45-2:15) and one Friday a month.  The other weekdays, students work at home on assignments given by the tutor.  This allows parents to homeschool without having to plan curriculum or do any of the actual teaching. We currently have students from 3rd through 12th grades. 

Biblical Worldview

Students are taught from a biblical worldview. We are defined by who we are in Christ.

Individualized Curriculum

We offer a fully individualized curriculum for home school students grades 3-12.

Character Development

Students are encouraged to view their strengths as gifts to be developed and used for service rather than for self-promotion. They are also taught that weaknesses help us to grow in humility and to understand the need for community. Students learn that strengths and weaknesses do not define us.

Peer Tutoring

Enhancing learning & comprehension through collaboration.


We focus on helping students to become self-learners, to think and reason wisely, and to discover the talents God has given them

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