Private lessons

What we offer


Instrument & Voice lessons consist of 30-minute weekly lessons. However, dependent on the instructor, these lessons may be available for an hour or bi-weekly lesson upon request. 

Can I join?

Our lessons are open to everyone whether you are a Coastal member or not! 

Registration for those who have a Coastal membership will open the first week of August

Registration for everyone else will open the third week of August


  • $30 for 30-minute lesson
  • $75 semester sign-up fee for Coastal members
  • $200 semester sign-up fee for non Coastal members
  • $75 semester sign-up fee for everyone if you pay up front

Lesson Schedule

Lesson times will be determined by you and your instructor at the beginning of each semester. 


Fall Semester:  2nd week of September – 2nd week of December

No lessons the week of Thanksgiving

Fall Dress Rehearsal:  December 12th

Recital:  December 15th

Spring Semester:  2nd week of January – 2nd week of May

No lessons the week of Spring break

Fall Dress Rehearsal:  May 14th

Recital:  May 17th

If you have any more questions, please contact us!