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Our History

While Coastal Homeschool Academy officially began in the fall of 2020, the birth of the program actually started in 2008 when God prompted Carol Reeder to leave the classroom and start teaching students in her home. During the next 11 years, the program in her home grew and God continued to show her the benefits and blessings of the one-room schoolhouse model, the joy of watching students develop in individual strengths and weakness, and the ability to adjust to student needs without the red tape of the school system. During those years, Coastal Church approached Carol about adopting the ministry as a mission of the church, and in 2020 God beautifully orchestrated the change from a home business to Coastal Homeschool Academy. Coastal Homeschool Academy continues to grow while seeking to maintain the heart of the mission to develop authentic followers of Jesus Christ in a nurturing, family atmosphere.


Our students are divided into 4 main levels. Students move from level to level as they achieve benchmarks, so students of the same age may be working at different levels. Students also may be at one level in one subject but at another level in a different subject. Students achieve growth in biblical worldview discernment, critical thinking and logic, technological fluency, composition, reading comprehension, self-discipline, and self learning. In addition to the core curriculum described below, students receive instruction in history, geography, science, social science, personal finance, and economics (These subjects rotate each year). 

Read through the levels below to learn more information.

Students achieve proficiency in basic math skills and grammar mechanics have a firm foundation in composition and logical thinking. Students are encouraged to develop habits for lifelong reading.
Typically elementary age students
Students strive for proficiency in real world math applications and begin algebra. In English, they focus on sentence structure, vocabulary, and the other elements of grammar that are needed for effective writing. They continue to develop their literary, composition, and speaking skills and apply them to real life situations.
Typically middle school age students
These years are spent refining and mastering the skills needed to be a successful adult, including communicating effectively both in speech and writing. Students continue to pursue growth in math and start exploring possible career options according to their interests and talents. Students are encouraged to read a lot and are challenged with higher level comprehension exercises, such as reading legal documents.
Typically early high school students
Students are ready to pursue their career and/or further their education. They enjoy taking electives in their areas of interest and through jobs, projects, and internships can discover if they really enjoy a particular career field. Students who have not chosen any specialized area have the opportunity to explore a variety of options.
Typically upper high school students
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Electives – Electives are typically for students in levels 2, 3, and 4. They include foreign language, coding, psychology, drawing, art, auto upkeep, anatomy, physics, chemistry, pre-calculus, driver’s ed, graphic design, interior design, drone instruction, 3D printing, SAT preparation, culture & cuisine, and other courses based on student interest. During their level 4 years, some students have also pursued personal interests such as neuroscience, nursing, and aviation. If a student is interested in pursuing an area of study, we work with the student and family to find a suitable curriculum for study.

Extra Curricular Activities – CHA does not currently offer extracurricular clubs or sports teams. However, students may participate in Coastal Music Academy (beginning fall of 2023), play sports for local leagues and some private schools, and can participate in organizations such as Civil Air Patrol. Since homeschool students are typically able to get their work done in 2-5 hours (depending on the student, their level, and curriculum intensity), they often have more time to devote to other interests outside of CHA and become well-rounded in their abilities.


Our two-day class option is Mon & Wed or Tues & Thurs from 8:45-2:15 and 1 Fri a month from 8:45-2:15. Our four-day class option is Mon-Thurs from 8:45-2:15 and 1 Fri a month 8:45-2:15.

We ask each student bring their own laptop and writing supplies. We build out individualized binders with all of their course work for you.

We partner with you to come up with a list of classes to meet the needs of your child. We provide all curriculum and instruction, and ask parents to support their children on home days by providing a atmosphere conducive to learning. Parents of elementary students may need to provide some assistance on home days. Parents register with the state as homeschoolers and Coastal Homeschool Academy will provide the needed Proof of Progress paperwork that the state requires.

All of our staff are available via email, text, or call for the student during school hours. We are quick to respond to help answer any questions they may have.

The annual fee for the two-day option is $4500 and the four-day option is $6900. This can be broken up into semester payments or 10 monthly payments. Our Parent Portal has a link to the payment site, which is fully secured for online transactions.

We try to get in at least 2 field trips a year on the Friday class days. However, sometimes families will get together for their own field trip. We can provide a list of homeschool friendly places to visit.

Interested in enrollment? Email us to talk about you and your child’s needs.