Student Projects

Hannah Kelley

Hannah has been studying psychology and neuroscience for the past few years at CHA. In April Hannah lead all of the students in a Brain Awareness Day as part of her Senior Project.

Students had to make a brain hat. Level 1 students got to color and learn about the different areas and their functions. Level 2 and 3 students had to look up and label the brain areas and discover their functions. Fun Fact we learned: your optical area is in the back of the brain, so you really do have eyes in the back of your head.

Students had to trace a random shape, however they had to look through a mirror. It’s a great way to challege their space and perception awareness.

┬áIn groups student “built” a brain. Each round the brain encountered life obstacles that either enriched the brain or were detriments. Positive life experiences they get support, toxic life experience students had to add a weight to the structure. The Brain Build Game was great at demonstrating how our life experiences will affect brain development.

Students paired up to interview each other in mock doctor visits. They questions covered the individual’s food, exercise, and sleep health that relates to the brain.

Ryland Morrison

“Throughout serving in the community I was able to see God change lives through nursing homes, addiction recovery, and playing with the local children. I gained a greater appreciation for what we have in America and here at Coastal.”

All CHA Students studied Personal Finance this year. Students had to interview family members on their finances, make a personal budget based on a chosen career, and discover the cost of buying and owning a car for five years. Check out a few of our student’s Car Projects. Let’s just say the kids were surprised by the total cost.